sleep right

pyjamas + yawn london*

When I was in England, I procured a great appreciation of British behaviors. Tea drinking, wellies wearing, and PYJAMA DWELLING. Spelling it "pyjama" instead of "pajama" or (ugh) "jammies". Seriously. When was the last time you had a proper set of pyjamas that you wanted to artistically wander around your house in?  I know the whole "undies and a tshirt is enough" argument Americans like to pull, but that's just because we've been DEPRIVED. We may as well have dumped  better sleep in the bay with the boxes of tea back in the day. After London, I simply had to have my own pair, and since American's would insist on covering everything in camo or sports logos, I went to the source.

YAWN is a cute lil company based in London that's focused on the moment, not just the clothes. They're all about cuddling, coziness, and equipping people with the proper apparel for those activities. Also, they believe in pockets, which you know got me hooked. Gotta keep snacks somewhere. Just looking at these photos makes me want to put them back on and take a nap.

Pyjamas aside, what I love about this company is that they represent something I think we all struggle a little bit with now: taking time out to appreciate little moments. Their motto is "phone off, kettle on, pajama time". When was the last time you ignored snapchat to finish your chapter? Or drank a cup of anything NOT out of a travel cup? I'm basically surgically attached to my phone and am a Starbucks gold card member until 2019 due to my inability to find time to make myself a cup of coffee. Today was the first time in three weeks I've been in bed for a straight eight hours. It's not healthy, but it is normal. We all move so quickly now that we forget that we ever slowed down.

My brilliant idea for a closing line was "see you in your sleep" but then I realized how utterly terrifying that sounds and decided that a simple "sweet dreams" will do.

x J

ps. Speaking of slowing down: it takes ages for me to scan instax but don't these photos look dreamy? 

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college crashing

Fun thing I like to do: not go to school for a really long time, then sign myself up for loads of classes and slowly die. 

Last time, it was eight years, this time it was seven months.  Honestly, even if it's only the three week holiday break, going back to school is rough. This time, I decided to stop making it harder on myself, my skin, and my battery life. I also wanted to hear out your guy's request for more lifestyle posts. In order to do both of those things, I had to survive syllabus week. These are all the things that keep me moving (Sallie not pictured)

+ TOMs leather tote. For a long time, I resisted having a proper tote bag because I KNEW I'd accumulate extra crap to fill it up with. My shoulders weren't down. But now that I'm back at school and the crap is mandatory, this tote is my new best friend. It's soft leather, but durable and has a structure to it. (ps. it also supports a safe birth for a mother in a developing country)*

+ SKINNY-DIP LONDON computer shell. Fun fact - when you pay upwards of $1.5k for a laptop, you don't just toss it in with your keys and pray for the best. This case is protective, but also not too bulky, and it's SPARKLY.*

+ NUUNA notebook. I picked up a couple of these when I was exploring Germany, and they're honestly all I write in anymore. Handcrafted by people who know what they're doing, it makes me feel like a proper writer.*

+ MOPHIE Juicepack. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING. I can't even tell you how many instagram posts and witty tweets have been saved by this case since I got it last week. It has also enabled me to listen to When It's Dark Out on repeat for several hours.*

+ HAPPY PLUGS headphones. Because the worse part of college is all the other people.*

+ URBAN DECAY All Nighter setting spray. "A 9AM yoga class is a great idea! " - a real thing I said. So far, this stuff going on like cement setter, and I'm into it.*

+  LUSH Ocean Salt + Bubblegum lipscrub.  I don't care how awful my classes are, if my skin is fresh and my lipstick is still on, it's lit.*

+ KUR protective top coat by LONDONTOWN. Another thing I don't have time for (besides sleep) - waiting my nails. This is the best top coat I've ever found, and it's not only surviving school, but work too. (I work at lush. I literally wash my hands as a job.)*

+ NYX soft matte lip cream -  this is just because theres no such thing as a lipstick setter. I think? Must research.*

There you have it -  how to survive and still look like you're trying.

x J

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fun with hoodie

Are you having any fun?

No seriously, are you guys having fun? Are you having a good day? I DID.  I was in Hoodie Allens new music video today. Or rather, two weeks ago, if the video has come out when I think it will.  I'm currently writing this as Sallie and I drive away from the Youtube Spaces, where we spent the last five hours sitting behind Hoodie and consuming copious amounts of suspiciously preserved popcorn. That stuff was glowing. My movie date Tyler and I climbed about a bajillion stairs (it was the same five over and over, but still, my fitbit would have counted it) and made some solid wisecracks. Sallie and Josh snap chatted each other from their seats. We all began to memorize the same 30 second part of the song, but it's okay, because it's a classic Hoodie hit. 

You guys will remember (or maybe you won't) that I got to see Hoodie last year in SF on his People Keep Talking tour. The one with the cake. He was great back then, and is getting better now. Plus, in person, he's exactly who you think he is.  He's also one of those rare artists who has managed to completely preserve his thing while still ~evolving~Needless to say, I'm down with it. Or at least until we're not having any fun.

x J 

ps. #edvins 

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lost angeles

all photos taken with a fujifilm x30 + instax | all video: goPro hero 4 

It is convenient when your resolutions line up with your own characteristics. i.e. my resolution to spend more time in the present lined up with my own laziness. Case in point - this week in LA, I didn't actually take any photos because I was so busy living it up with Sallie/not drowning in El Nino.  My new GoPro enabled me as well, because all I had to do was push the little button and sort of wave it in the air. BOOM. Moment captured.

Because I don't live in LA right now, every trip has to be a mix of work and play. This week, we visited every corner of the city, from MTV, to BC Footwear, to Hoodie Allen. In-between we drank a ton of coffee, Sallie allowed me to put my life in danger for a photo, and I inflicted G Eazy's new album on her everytime the AUX cord was handed over. It was weirdly warm, and we went to a massive art museum where the best piece was the view.

Short list of cool things to check out:

1. Portos. I say it every time because I go every time. Shoutout to the homie Michael for always coming through with the extra whipped cream. 3614 W Magnolia Blvd

2.  Urban Outfitters Surplus Store. Basically everything is priced at the prices it should be to start with, and I LOVE IT.  14608 Ventura Blvd

3.  The Getty Museum. (Not to be confused with the Getty Villa). This is the kind of museum you want someone to take you on a date in because it's just so aesthetically pleasing. Don't miss/fall off the back balconies.  1200 Getty Center Dr

4. Paul Smith Melrose. (This is the pink wall you've been dreaming of.)

5. The Griffith Observatory. I wrote about this place, and why it's my good luck ritual, but I didn't talk about how amazing the actual observatory itself is. Lets just say it's... out of this world 2800 E Observatory Rd

 I don't think I'll ever completely get over LA, 
or the fact that I paid $9 for a bottle of juice at Alfreds. 

x J

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bless (fly) up wit me

a selection of my plane pics from 2015

Traveling is always a Big Deal with me. I wish I could be one of those sleek, effortless people you see gliding through security with a book and a shoulder bag. Lets be honest though, those people have probably forgotten everything they need, and have no snacks. But over time, I've gotten better and better at it, to the point where I can now pack a week of outfits in a carry on. (It's the only kind of science I'm good at.) After the last year of being in tin cans every twenty minutes, I made you a list. 
From the gear to the good (advice), here is my ultimate travel cheat sheet: 

1. If it's short haul: Pack a carry on suitcase. Let me just tell you this: if it doesn’t fit in your backpack + a carry on, you probably don't need it. Roll up clothes, and put ya underwear in ya shoes. It'll work.

   - Long haul: DON'T TAKE A CARRY ON. I have decided that my life is too valuable to have it considerably shortened by all the stress of watching that many bags while I’m running around the terminal.

2. BUY THE BIGGEST BOTTLE OF WATER YOU SEE. In fact, splurge. Get the big Fiji water.  Regular hydration will keep you from feeling like you’re slowly turning into a California waterway (see what I did there). Unless you know you’re in the middle seat in which case don’t be an absolute pain and have to pee every twenty seconds. 

3. Don't wear tight denim. It is not necessary to bounce change off any appendages while in flight, and unless you are Beyonce, no one is expecting you to. You legs will swell, your seams will pop, and you will want to peel your skin off.

4. Know where you’re going. I like to schedule myself long layovers that give me plenty of time to find my gate, but if you’re working a quick turn around, take ten minutes before hand and find what you’re looking for.

5. Get yourself fed properly. While you’re researching your gate, do a little research on the food options your airline offers - re-microwaved airplane food is going to be gross no matter what, but  vegetarian or vegan options can be a little more pleasant. Orrr you can do what I did, and pull a Black Cindy - order Kosher.

6. Don't overplan yourself. I don’t sleep in cars, trains, or planes, so I need things to entertain me, especially on long flights. If you, however can’t even read a text in the shotgun seat of a car, don’t pack a library to occupy your time on board. 

7. Put it in a pocket. Passports, ID’s, boarding passes, phone chargers. Pick one pocket and designate it to hold all of the important things. That way when you are CONVINCED you’ve lost something, you won’t need to dump your whole bag upside down.

8. Pack ahead, even if only mentally. Leading up to your trip, every time you think "oh I should take", add it to a list on your phone. That narrows down our chances of forgetting something you'll actually need.

9. Bring a cardigan/scarf. I don’t care if you’re flying to Panama - just do it. 

10. Move around, before and during your flight/drive/whatever. Especially if you’re on a long haul flight - four hours of not moving and your legs become logs with blood veins.

Hopefully this is an actual thing that will help you.
and not just my over pressured brain spouting nonsense from 10,000 feet.

x J 

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poppin' off

january 2015, the metropolitan museum of art, nyc

I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious

If I were superstitious, I would say the reason this year has been so incredible is because I always put on my right shoe first, or because I didn't wear yellow even once. Because I am a little stitious, I'll say it's because I wore my buddha necklace every day, made a ton of to-do lists, and because you read my blog. Seriously, this year was crazy. I didn't even remember some of the craziness we got up to.  Did you remember that  I went to New York to do a photoshoot for Teen Vogue? That time I filmed a show with GORDON RAMSAY (and told him my favorite celebrity chef is Anthony Bourdain?)  How about my week with Sallie in LA where we did all the things? The photoshoot and interview with Sadie Robertson? Or, you know, MOVING TO EUROPE FOR THREE MONTHS. (That already feels like a lifetime ago.) I couldn't make half this stuff up if I went to the edge of my imagination. It all happened though. I've got the extremely uncool amount of Instagram posts to prove it.

 Last year, my one resolution was "2015 will be the year of the Texan proverbs. Go bigger, because going home isn't an option.". Due to the very little amount of time I actually spent at home this year, I could say that I technically covered this one, but I also metaphorically fulfilled it. I'm a little scared of what I'm going to have to do to top it in 2016. 

Resolution for this year: Live even larger, and get better at what I want to be the best in. 

See you in the next year, 
don't be late.

x J 

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all I want for christmas is you

photos taken with instax mini 70

I really love Christmas. The trees, the lights, finding the perfect gift for someone you love. It's this gloriously long process that I always stretch out until the verrrrrry last moment. On purpose.  But that's okay, because that's what makes it fun. That, and watching my dad staple a million trillion strings of lights to our tiny little house. Seriously, you can probably see us from space. There's loads and loads of themed budget rom-coms, and everyone is just that little bit friendlier (although the woman you had to fight for a parking spot in the mall may have not gotten the memo).  There's so many special traditions, and new moments waiting to happen. 

Speaking of moments: you all know my favorite way to capture mine are through photo, preferably polaroid. To commemorate one of my favorite holidays, I'm giving one of you a chance to win a brand new Instax Mini 70 from Fujifilm (IT HAS A SELFIE MIRROR). All you have to do is:

1. Make sure you're following me here  + on Instagram

2. Comment with your favorite holiday song lyric, where you're from and your instagram handle!

Then you'll know if your DM's jingle, that could only mean one thing.


x J

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happy birthday silly

The last time I saw Sallie before she went to college, 11pm

A lot of you only know Sallie from passing references, Seventeen articles, or, on the rare occasion that we're together, a flurry of snapchats and instagrams. She serves as the backroom editor of my life, spends dubious amounts of time reading your guys' comments, and goes to photoshoots where she bosses people around and eats their snacks. There's a short story behind how we met, but it mainly involved us being practically the same person, a larger force that didn't like that, and me being 50% right about how much she hated me. That's a good one, but I prefer the story of the moment I decided she was going to be my best friend.

 It was July 27th, 2014, and I'd just wrapped up filming Matilda and the Ramsey bunch. I didn't actually know anyone in LA, so on a complete whim I called Sallie and was like "Hey, we don't really know each other, but I'm in LA for the next four hours, you live in LA, lets hang out with our moms." She gave me the name of a restaurant in Burbank (some of you have probably already guessed where) and, to make a long story short, we ended up in a back booth at Portos eating potato balls and pina colada smoothies (her recommendation) next to Greer Grammar. Anyone who suggests meeting at a restaurant that makes fried mashed potatoes is the kind of person you want around always, and she has been ever since. 

Today, she turned 18, and I decided to write about her in our favorite time to do anything:
 the absolute last moment.

10 things I would like to say to and about my best friend in the last minute of her 18th birthday.

1. Thank you for always reading the blog posts I send you at 2am
2. Every time someone asks "who does that?" I think of the time you started screaming in the car on the 5.
3. You're the second best momager I have.
4. Anytime I drink thai tea, I remember when I drank it for the first time and you were scandalized.
5. You are the Abby to my Olivia. (See what I did there.)
6. Never forget to never take wooden nickels. They're everywhere. 
7. No one in this world is as obsessed with Lululemon leggings and Starbucks Passionfruit tea as you. The back of my mums cars still has the stains to prove it.
8. The quantities of Teavana you consume are alarming.
9. One time, your shoe broke right before we went to tea + I can still picture the face you made exactly.
10. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Remember when you didn't want to watch The Office? Remember when you were so wrong about that?

Happy birthday weirdo

x J

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merry meundies


Do you feel sufficiently panicked? Are you considering buying people underwear for christmas just to avoid the mall? GOOD. You're in the right headspace now.

 I wrote about MeUndies a while back, but when I was settling on what I really wanted for Christmas, (other than loads of sriracha) I decided to be real with myself. Makeup trends will come and go, but I'll need underwear forever. As will literally anyone you're shopping for. So here is my official christmas gift of 2015: a MeUndies Design of The Month subscription. That's right. Give the people what they actually need/didn't yet know they wanted: a new pair of snazzy underwear every month. Especially if they're college students. Trust me. 

I would also like to talk about these joggers they've got (that I am currently wearing) because of their pockets. If you have been reading this blog for a while you know of my issues with pockets. They're rarely existent on girls clothes, and are never deep enough/in a proper spot/practical at all. Yet, in the spare time they had between releasesing crazy new designs and styles every month, MeUndies decided to make ridiculously soft pants for women with proper pockets. Revolutionary.

The moral of this all is, as my brother so eloquently puts it:
"You can't buy my love, but you can persuade my butt."

x J

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londontown, pt. 2

photographed + filmed with fujifilm x30

A month ago today I landed in London, and I can't believe it's been that long already. It's also strange to think that this city I had never visited before felt so much like home.
It's all very cliche and sappy, but whatever. London happens. In this half of my collective, there are a lot of things happening. Let's list it:

1.  Me putting on my sunglasses in an act of Californian rebellion despite the fact that I hadn't seen proper sunlight in approx. 3 months.

2.  The Christmas Tree in the Buckingham Palace gift shop, which is the most aggressively British place I've ever been. 

3. I don't know, some random government looking building that had loads and loads of people milling about. (side note: my grandmother said it was ugly. I reminded her that none of her pretty German castles had actual monarchs in them.)

4. I genuinely have no recollection of taking this photo but I think by it's general upper-end British-ness it is probably Kensington. 

5. The statue hall at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Best offensive joke in England was heard here, as uttered by a middle aged dad-type pushing a stroller through the Mughal Empire installation: "I think it should be called the Kim Kardashian museum, as it is extremely beautiful and incredibly dim." 

6. Proper way to bond a bunch of bloggers: aesthetically pleasing pizza.

7. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE. I don't have an arm, I appear to be getting hit by an oncoming bus that's whizzing out of nowhere, Westminster is entirely lit up. It's basically a scene from Harry Potter.

8. An actual scene from Harry Potter.

9.  Walking out of Liverpool Station is the best place to people watch because at 5pm on a Friday, the entire world is there and trying to get on your train.

10. I may forget my own name, but I will never, ever, as long as I live, forget to mind the gap.

I feel like I've seen so much, but theres far more to explore, eat, and experience, so I guess I'll just have to go back. What an absolute tragedy.

x J

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